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Artist Making Tattoo


Col. W.L. Todd was a world-renowned Tattoo Artist for over 40 years. One of his many accomplishments in life, besides tattooing, was to design and manufacture the "Jim Dandy" tattoo machine. These machines are used all over the world by famous tattoo artists such as Good Time Charlie, Ed Hardy, Brian Everett, Dave Gibson, Lyle Tuttle, Jack Rudy & Corey Miller, just to name a few.

One thing I promised my Dad is I would carry on the tradition and now I am. Don't be fooled! There are copies out there but only one original design which I have continued to manufacture.

The Original  Ten (10) Coil Wrap 
Tattoo Machine is Back! 

What Others Are Saying About the "Col. W. L. Todd" Tattoo Machine

"I have probably put thousands of tattoos on with these machines. I have worked daily with one in particular on a regular basis since 1985. The liner is perfect for a fine or heavy line.

This machine's performance is wonderful! One of my employees purchased a few from Col. Todd and he uses them on a daily basis to." 
Goodtime Charlie
The End of the Trail Tattoo
Modesto, CA 

"I think this is a terrific machine that does the job great! It is a good testament to the quality of person Col. Todd was and the kind of work he did. I purchased mine originally from the Colonel and it works great!" 
Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy's Tattoo City
San Francisco, CA